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Ämne: Good afternoon from Stockholm Sweden
Från: bo.jonsson@defria.se
Till: politi@politi.dk
Wed, 07 May 2014 14:34:49 +0200

Stockholm 7 May 2014
Att. Danish Police in Copenhagen

29th of May - 1st of June 2014 there will be an event in Copenhagen that I think the Danish police must be aware of: The annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group. At the Marriott Hotel at the centre of the city - around 150 people of the worlds most powerful people will have a conference for 3-4 days.

The problem with this conference is that they are very secretive and they don't allow reporters to join and report on what is being discussed. I have followed this group for some years as a writer/journalist and I must say that it is very disturbing for any democratic country to allow these conferences take place.

Mostly it is disturbing because the politicians who attend these meetings do it as private person but they are financed by their own political parties and private businessmen. I see a big risk towards the democracy - and I believe the police need to know about this.

I am planning to go to Copenhagen to make interviews outside the Marriott Hotel.

I want to give the Danish police an advice as well. The best way to keep the demonstrators, activists and journalists calm is to communicate. Last year in Watford England when the Bilderberg group met there were about 2000-3000 activists and there were no forms of violence or problems...

We the people who demonstrate against the Bilderberg Group are ordinary people like anyone of us -  they have found out what Bilderberg is and they want to protest.

I have some questions:Will there be any form of barricades around the Marriott Hotel?

Will there be any kind of liason officers from the police responsible to communicate with protestors as they had in Watford 2013?

Will there be any kind of toilettes nearby for all the people who need to go to the bathroom?

According to Danish law it is OK to take photos in public spaces same like in Sweden for example?

Best Regards

Bo Jonsson
Partiet De Fria