The Free Party of Sweden

The Free Party (or PDF*) was formed in February 2013 by three individuals wanting to see a big change on the political stage in Sweden.

The problem with the political party system today in Sweden is the fake left / right paradigm as in so many other countries. This is because they all have the same ideology namely collectivism tying them together. They participate in fake debates where participants (seemingly having different opinions) argument eachother. But this is just a scam; they all have the same goal, just different political rhetoric.

The founders of PDF wanted to form a party based on the principle of putting the rights of each individual at the top of the agenda, based on the ideology of individualism. This makes The Free Party the only non-collectivist political party in Sweden. We strive to rewrite the Swedish constitution, empowering each individuals rights against the state and big corporations.

(*PDF = Partiet De Fria)

Contact us: info@defria.se

We want:

  • ...to strengthen the rights of each individual
  • ...a government that serves the people, not the other way around
  • ...Sweden to exit the EU
  • ...to forbid Sweden from entering NATO and other similar military alliances and go back to a neutral foreign policy.
  • ...to withdraw Swedish troops from abroad
  • ...to build a stronger Swedish defence based on conscription and increased resources to a larger National Home Guard to keep the people deeply involved in the military at all times. We want each individual to complete a 3 month mandatory basic military training with a voluntarily option to do another 12 month service with a full salary during this time, as well as the possibility to keep the service weapon after the service is completed - much like the people of Switzerland.
  • ...to have an honest monetary system in Sweden.
  • ...to forbid fractional reserve banking and the way Swedish banks issue money through debt without backing.
  • ...to ban GMO and make Sweden a GMO-free zone.
  • ...to ban Geoengineering within Swedish territory.
  • ...to make Sweden into an independent nation with self-sufficient agriculture free from GMO's, mining of metals, forest industry, fishing industry. Basically we want to make Sweden be able to stand on its own feet. NOTE: We are NOT against co-operation with other countries and certain transparent trade agreements.
  • ...to have genuine political transparency - We openly oppose the Bilderberg Group and other gatherings behind closed doors.
  • ...to decentralize power from Brussels and Stockholm out to the municipalities in order to give the people influence over the decisions that affects them

Furthermore we are strongly for the idea to let the people be able to vote in any question they consider to be important, after an open debate is given.

Our program translated into English consisting of 40 bullet points:
The Free Party of Sweden - simplified party platform in 2014

1. The Free Party's primary concern is the fight to strengthen the individual rights regardless of skin colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, social status, etc.

2. The Free Party will push to have Sweden exit the EU as soon as possible .

3. The Free Party will push for an honest monetary system and therefore we want a reform of the banking system as we set ourselves very critical of how money is created out of debt.

4. The Free Party will work to stop the phasing out of cash which the banks are currently doing. We consider a cashless society to be a breach of our constitution.

5. The Free Party will work to decentralize power from Brussels and Stockholm to the Swedish municipalities where citizens can more easily influence and have their say.

6. The Free Party will work to reform the Swedish constitution and give the sole individual an enhanced and strengthen legal protection.

7. The Free Party will promote free movement between countries over
providing you have enough cash to support his stay or establishment.

8. The Free Party considers that the Swedish government should serve the people and not the other way around. This approach makes us unique in Sweden.

9. The Free Party wants more police officers on the streets and have more local police stations with greater local knowledge of both the neighbourhoods and the people they serve and protect. We want to decentralize as much as possible aswell as we want less bureaucracy, even though we still see the need of a national police co-operation to fight organized crime.

10. The Free Party want to change the legal system so it give priority to solve crimes committed against the individual, not as it is today where the state and big corporations have more power than the people.

11. The Free Party want to simplify taxation for businesses and make it easier to dare employ new people.

12. The Free Party demand full legal responsibility from the individual (e.g. doctors, policemen, nurses, et cetera) that commits any serious misconduct during the practice of his/her profession.

13. The Free Party wants to introduce annual referendum on the issues people consider be worthwhile. Conveniently these events could be held shortly after Almedalsveckan (a political event of open debate) first week of July each year.

14. The Free Party wants to extend our senior citizens' freedom to choose where to stay, which type of care they'll recieve and so on.

15. The Free Party wants the state engaged in non -profit medical research to develop safe cure rather than symptom relief.

16. The Free Party wants to raise the requirements for vaccine and its manufacturers before they get used in Sweden. Most vaccines contains toxics and will be banned from use in Sweden.

17. The Free Party want the state to provide clean and non profit electricity to the Swedish citizens.

18. The Free Party will move to reintroduce conscription with 3 months basic military training. Then offer those who are interested 12 months further military training with the possibility to keep their service weapons after the period finishes. Much like the way the Swiss people do.

19. The Free Party wants Sweden to have a national defence with its citizens deeply involved. Not a war machine to be used on foreign soil. Defence only!

20. The Free Party want to bring our Swedish troops home and then never send forces abroad.

21. The Free Party want a strong national home guard as part of the larger national defence against invasion.

22. The Free Party wants to scrap the FRA law which gives the state authority to wire-tap the citizens, furthermore we want to severely limit the data storage authorities can make without a legal warrant.

23. The Free Party wants to promote freedom of expression without restrictions.

24. The Free Party wants a type of school that teaches critical thinking and
is non-collectivist, and instead see each student's abilities and interests and to help the students develop as individuals and to let each student be unique.

25. The Free Party want to allow home-schooling again which was banned a few years ago.

26. The Free Party want the National Food Agency (Livsmedelsverket) to engage in food-related issues in the consumers interest and actively work on food security, but not interfere in people's eating habits.

27. The Free Party want to make Sweden a GMO-free zone.

28. The Free Party want to tighten the requirements for animal care and prohibit farmers to feed their animals with GMO.

29. The Free Party want to ban "geoengineering " (and all sorts of experimentation with toxic chemical spills over Sweden).

30. The Free Party strive for free public transport nationwide.

31. The Free Party strive for free broadband internet and to move its infrastructure towards a more land based internet and telephony dug safely into the ground and to reduce the wifi usage, which might be harmful for children.

32. The Free Party strive to make Sweden a self-sufficient country.

33. The Free Party wants to introduce compulsory attendance in parliament for all MPs and payroll deduction of absence.

34. The Free Party wants to work for a free uncensored internet without
authority involvement.

35. The Free Party want to allow private file sharing without restrictions.

36. The Free Party wants to reform public services and by strengthening the requirements so these live up to the core values ​​of objectivity and impartiality, and let people vote for which programs to be provided.

37. The Free Party will require transparency in all situations where elected
politicians are sitting behind closed doors with representatives from the business sector.

38. The Free Party believes that climate policy/climate scam must be examined further when there are major question marks between so called experts, researchers, associations and companies.

39. The Free Party is completely against the CO2 tax.

40. The Free Party are willing to look at some solution and form of guaranteed income to ensure that each individual is given the opportunity to develop in the direction he or she wishes.


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